Early-stage mobile startups doing hybrid development: this accelerator is for you.

AcceleratorHK is a three month accelerator based in Hong Kong, focused on mobile startups doing hybrid development with HTML5. We have a full program in the Lean Startup and Customer Development techniques, mentors, and technical help to make cross-platform development easier.

The program includes

Seed funding of $15,000

Mentorship to help you grow

Workspace for your startup

a Demo Day packed with potential investors

A program to speed up your own product development and help you execute

Technical guidance from
expert developers

training in Agile development methodology

Come join us in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an advanced telecom market and cool place to spend three months or more. Hong Kong is also mobile crazy with seven 3G providers, 100% 3G coverage in the territory, over 100% mobile phone penetration and one of the top markets in Facebook penetration, making it an ideal place to validate your mobile app. We welcome early-stage startups from all over the world.